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RGP industrial electrical co.,ltd was founded in 2003,we have  served as the agent and distributor for Switzerland (Carol), France (Syde) and other European automaton product series. Since 2009, in order to expand the business project, guided by professional European technology, we push out independent product , and began to produce and process automation equipment products. That including: liquid level sensor/float switchr/flow switch/cable float/proximity switch /fuel level gauge and etc.

We can combine our wide range of sensing technologies with numerous material choices to fit almost any application. We have material choices such as stainless steel, Polypropylene and Teflon and copper to ensure that you are provided with a sensor that will provide durability and long life.
The float switches are stand up to harsh environments, hazardous locations (like high corrosive ,high temperature),sanitary and food grade, that designs meet agency approvals like ROHS and ISO. 
 Whether you need a float switch, continuous liquid level sensor, pressure or temperature sensor, utilized in Water and Waste Water Tanks, Food and Food Processing Equipment, HVAC, Specialty Vehicles, Medical, Marine,Washing Equipment, or any Industrial Application, let RGP provide it.

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